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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Weather Policy

    CRSW Swim Practices and Meets continue as scheduled in rainy weather - so please prepare your swimmer - and always bring rain gear to meets when rain is in the forecast.

    In case of thunderstorms, the pool will be cleared for 30 minutes at the first clap of thunder - for the safety of all swimmers and coaches. The coaches will decide whether to continue the practice or meet based on time remaining and weather forecast. In the event that practices/meets are affected, the team will notify families via Twitter/SMS messages (by subscription) initially as this is the quickest form of communication. Please be prepared to pick up your swimmer early from practice or have a carpool plan in stormy weather.

    Meets that are stopped due to stormy weather before completion of breaststroke- and unable to resume - will be rescheduled. After completing breaststroke, meets may be rescheduled or considered a complete meet - the league representatives of both teams will meet and make the call.

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    What to Bring to Swim Meets

    For Swimmers:

    • Swim Bag – with Caps & Goggles
    • Towels (bring a few as they get wet)
    • Camping Chair
    • Insulated lunch bag/small ice chest
    • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
    • Hair ties for long hair
    • Healthy Snacks & Drinks (Very Important to stay HYDRATED)
      • Examples: Fresh Fruit/Veggies, Protein/Power Bars, Sandwich, Crackers,
    • Water/Gatorade
    • Cash for Concessions
    • Small “Ready Bench Area” activities – (Books, Coloring Books, Cards, etc)
    • Note: Electronics are allowed, but at your own risk.
    • Please be sure to LABEL EVERYTHING

    For Parents:

    • Camping Chairs
    • Small Ice Chest
    • Snacks & Drinks
    • Cash $$ for Concessions
    • Printed Heat Sheet (we will email them out prior to the meet. YOU MUST PRINT YOUR OWN COPY AND BRING FROM HOME)
    • Bug Spray & Sunscreen
    • Hat/Visor
    • Pop up Tent - if you have one.
    • Wagon to carry all items as parking can be some distance away.
    • Please note: Your swimmer(s) will be in their Ready Bench Area AT ALL TIMES during the meet. Parent Volunteers are responsible for them!
    • Please sit elsewhere at the pool to get a great view of your swimmer(s).
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